Two Arrested For Shooting Of Nine Children Including 15-Year-Old Gang Member

On February 17th, 2021, Columbus, Georgia saw a tragic episode of gun violence, with a shooting at a Shell gas station that wounded nine children, the youngest being just five-years-old.

Arrests were promptly made by the Columbus police following the shooting; D’Angelo Robinson, Sr., 35, and a 15-year-old boy face charges respectively of eight and one counts of aggravated assault. More charges are expected to manifest.

The older of the two suspects is a self-described gang member while the minors shot ranged from 5-17-years-of-age and according to police, the injuries suffered were not life-threatening. The gas station attack was preceded by an altercation at a nearby warehouse, Columbus Police Chief Freddie Blackmon reported in a press conference, urging the community to come together to help combat the violence.

The incident in Columbus, GA serves as a distressing reminder that gang violence is a pervasive issue faced by many across the U.S. It is particularly sobering that the case involves the shooting of minors and further, the alleged participation of a 15-year-old in a gang.

Given the situation, it is essential to allocate appropriate resources in an effort to stem young people from joining gangs or engaging in misconduct.

The quick action of the police force is to be commended and the hope is that justice will take its course and the perpetrators will pay for their actions. It is also critical to show solidarity with the victimized minors, ensuring that they have the necessary support to heal and move forward.

To properly cope with gun violence in our country, it is fundamental to develop an encompassing strategy that considers investing in programs tailored to youth and enacting more stringent firearms regulations. Only through directed collaboration will we be able to make our neighborhoods safer and prevent more calamities like this from occurring.