Tornado causes theatre roof to collapse and crush people

The Apollo Theatre in Belvidere, Illinois, was overcome by a suspected tornado on Friday night when the funnel caused a partial roof and marquee collapse.

Among the rubble, one individual was found dead, and dozens of people were injured, necessitating more than 20 emergency vehicles and personnel to arrive on the scene.

Witnesses observed emergency personnel carefully digging through the fallen debris, searching for anybody who could potentially be trapped underneath, while others were carried away on stretchers bound for ambulances.

The disaster occurred just 30 minutes into a live concert, featuring the bands Revocation, Morbid Angel, and Skeletal Remains. After determining everyone’s safety, the show was immediately cancelled. Morbid Angel released a statement, urging anyone en route to the venue to ‘take cover and remain safe’.

In the wake of the incident, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker utilized all available resources at the disposal of his administration and said they will closely monitor the situation.

His office released a statement expressing the gravity of the event and a reminder to the public to always heed the warnings of local authorities in times of severe weather.