Toddler’s Arm Nearly Gets Torn Off in Brutal Dog Attack

A Cincinnati toddler is on the road to recovery following a severe dog attack that almost cost him his arm. The incident occurred earlier this month when the family of 3-year-old Xavier Carr was taking care of a Belgian Malinois belonging to someone else.

On March 2, while the family was dog-sitting, Xavier’s arm was almost torn off during the aggressive encounter with the dog. Upon hearing his son’s desperate screams, Joshua Carr, Xavier’s father, quickly came to the rescue.

Joshua found his son in a pool of blood and took immediate action to stop the bleeding. Drawing on his knowledge from watching medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, he used his belt as a makeshift tourniquet, tightly wrapping it around Xavier’s arm while simultaneously calling 911.

The prompt response and resourcefulness of Xavier’s father were crucial in saving his son’s life. Following the incident, Xavier underwent multiple surgeries to reattach his limb, which was barely connected by two inches of muscle and skin. Doctors remain hopeful that the young boy will regain function in his arm, albeit with some limitations.

Xavier’s age could be an advantage in his recovery, as younger patients tend to have a greater capacity for healing. His family is now preparing for a long journey ahead, as Xavier is expected to undergo numerous additional surgeries and therapies to help him regain as much function as possible in his injured arm.

To help offset the mounting medical expenses, a GoFundMe campaign has been initiated. The fundraiser’s description emphasizes that Xavier will be dealing with the aftermath of this traumatic event for the rest of his life.

Following the attack, the Belgian Malinois responsible for the incident was euthanized, as reported by local news sources.