Three decomposing bodies discovered at campsite inside zipped up tent

Authorities in Colorado are investigating the discovery of three decomposed bodies in a remote campsite in the Rocky Mountains. The bodies were found by a hiker who stumbled upon the campsite near the small town of Gunnison. Law enforcement officials believe the bodies may have been there since last fall, as they showed signs of having been at the campsite throughout the winter. The identities of the deceased have not been released, and there are no indications of foul play at this time.

The initial body was reported to authorities on Sunday afternoon when a hiker came across the campsite, located approximately 20 miles from Gunnison. Gunnison County sheriff’s deputies arrived the following morning and discovered two additional bodies. Undersheriff Josh Ashe stated that the condition of the bodies suggested they had been at the campsite for an extended period. No missing persons reports match the identities of the deceased, and there are no signs of any criminal activity.

The campsite was found near the Gold Creek Campground, an eastern section of Gunnison County. Investigators located the campsite on Monday morning and discovered two heavily decomposed bodies inside a small tent, while the third body was found outside. The campsite is situated in a remote wooded area, not frequented by hikers. Gunnison County Sheriff Adam Murdie assured the public that there is no immediate risk to hikers or campers in the area.

Personal belongings and tarps were found at the scene, along with a lean-to constructed from local logs over a firepit. Sheriff Murdie emphasized that such incidents are highly unusual and that the circumstances surrounding the discovery remain unclear. The sheriff’s department is actively searching for any missing persons reports that could provide insight into the situation, but none have been found thus far. The identities of the deceased will not be publically released until their families have been notified.

The autopsies of the bodies will be challenging due to their state of decomposition and are expected to take at least three weeks. Sheriff Murdie speculated that the cause of death may have been a combination of freezing temperatures and starvation. However, the exact cause of death cannot be determined until the autopsies are completed.

Investigators are now focused on determining the purpose of the individuals’ presence at the campsite and the reasons behind their deaths. The remote location and the manner in which the bodies were found raise many questions. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are urging anyone with information related to the case to come forward.