Three dead, three injured in early morning shooting

COLUMBUS, OH – An early morning shooting in Ohio’s capital city left three people dead and another three injured over the weekend. The shooting occurred in the Italian Village neighborhood north of downtown Columbus just before 3 a.m. on Saturday. Police reported hearing what could have been semi-automatic or automatic gunfire and observed several cars fleeing the scene.

Deputy Chief Gregory Bodker described the scene on arrival as “very chaotic,” with officers discovering six gunshot victims. While three victims were pronounced dead at the scene, the other three were transported to local hospitals. 

One of the survivors of the shooting remains in critical condition. The other two injured victims are reported as stable.

Authorities are still in the process of identifying the victims who were impacted by the gunfire. Investigators are currently gathering information from various witnesses who have been cooperative with the ongoing investigation. Bodker noted that a bar located near the crime scene may have a potential connection to those involved in the shooting.

The motive behind the shooting is still unclear, as is the number of suspects involved. Police collected evidence from the extensive crime scene, and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department utilized a drone to assist in documenting the area.