Thick Fog Causes Massive Pileup Of Nearly 300 Cars On a Bridge

Hundreds of vehicles were involved in a massive pileup on a foggy bridge in China on Wednesday, leaving one person dead and scores injured.

The pileup took place on the Zhengxin Huanghe bridge in Zhengzhou, a city in the Henan province. A series of images shared on social media show cars and trucks crumpled and piled on top of one another around 7:40 am.

In one of the video clips, a motorist can be seen saying, “this is too scary. Full of people here, I don’t think we can get off the bridge.”

The crash involved between 280 and 290 vehicles, according to Zhengzhou traffic police.

Online dashcam footage showed extremely poor visibility at the site, with motorists standing at the side of the road to flag down drivers approaching the chaos.

Over 70 firefighters responded to the accident on the bridge, which connects Zhengzhou with areas north of the city, including the industrial city of Xinxiang. Injured drivers and passengers were transported to local hospitals by authorities.

There was a similar pile-up in Henan in 2018, which resulted in nine deaths and 18 injuries. According to reports, 28 trucks collided on the Daqing-Guangzhou Expressway in Pingyu County during heavy fog.