Texas Man Arrested After Whataburger Staff Reports His Suspicious Encounter With Young Girl

A man from Texas was arrested last week after vigilant employees at a Whataburger restaurant alerted the police to a suspicious situation involving the man and a young girl.

Authorities received a 911 call from the concerned staff members of the New Boston Road location. The employees reported that an older man was dining with a juvenile girl, and the situation appeared inappropriate.

Upon receiving the call, police officers promptly responded and initiated an investigation. Their inquiries revealed that the man, identified as 79-year-old Michael Clark, was barely acquainted with the 13-year-old girl.

According to the police, Clark had allegedly offered the girl money in exchange for receiving sexual favors from her. He had also touched her inappropriately during an encounter just a few weeks prior.

Whataburger did not immediately provide a comment on the incident. After conducting a thorough investigation, detectives secured a warrant for Clark’s arrest. He was apprehended on Wednesday and now faces criminal charges, icnluding indecency with a child and solicitation of prostitution. Clark is currently being held on a $225,000 bond.