‘Terrorist’ plots to target migrants at the border

CUNNINGHAM, TN – A Tennessee man has been arrested and charged by federal officials with conspiring to join a militia with plans to target migrants at the US southern border. However, claims made by the man’s son paint a different picture, alleging the accused is merely a “compulsive liar.”

Paul Faye Sr. was taken into custody on Monday following a conversation with an undercover FBI agent, who was investigating a far-right militia group. Faye, 55, allegedly expressed an eagerness to “stir up the hornet’s nest” at the border and counter any opposition with a sniper rifle.

On May 11, Faye reportedly told the undercover agent: “The patriots are going to rise up because we are being invaded,” referring to the migrant crisis at the US-Mexico border.

Upon arresting Faye, law enforcement discovered multiple firearms, ammunition rounds, a handmade firearm silencer, a militia patch, and jars of Tannerite- a type of target that can be converted into improvised explosive devices- at his property.

The charges brought against Faye include illegally possessing and transferring an unregistered firearm silencer, which he allegedly handed over to an undercover agent as part of their militia preparation.

Faye had been in contact with the undercover agent since March, after meeting on TikTok. During their discussions, Faye boasted about his marksmanship skills and ability to protect militia members with his shooting capabilities.

However, Faye’s son, Joseph, has refuted these claims, insisting that his father lacks the alleged skills and had no real intention to carry out a target operation. According to Joseph, his father is not a terrorist but just a big talker with mental health issues.

Furthermore, he blamed the FBI for prompting Faye to plan an attack and alleged that they regularly provided his father with food and gifts. The FBI and local US Attorney’s Office have opted not to comment on the case. The public defender representing Faye was not available for input.

If he is found guilty, Faye could face a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison in addition to a $250,000 fine.