Teen killed while visiting family for the holidays

LODI, CA – A teenager’s visit to his family for Thanksgiving turned tragic when he was shot dead in a targeted incident near Hale Road and South Cherokee Lane, Lodi, on Saturday night. The aunt of the deceased, Ada Ruiz, identified him as her 15-year-old nephew, Alan Ruiz, a resident of Pittsburg.

Ada portrayed Alan as a regular teenage boy, fond of video games and Japanese comic books. He had arrived in Lodi during the week for his Thanksgiving visit to his father. According to Ada, the fatal incident occurred when Alan met a girl at an apartment complex and later went to her place for a chat. On their way back, two unidentified others emerged from behind and targeted Alan, firing shots at him.

Lodi Police confirmed the death of a minor, identified by the family as Alan, who succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

Ada reported receiving a distressing phone call from her brother, reporting the sudden demise of his son. While the police affirmed the nature of the attack as targeted, they remained silent on any possible gang affiliations. Alan’s family firmly denied any gang affiliations of the deceased. However, Ada did recall a few youngsters questioning Alan about his color affiliations on the day of the incident and assaulting him with gang signs.

The family believes this unexpected encounter with local youngsters may have led to the tragic consequence. Still at a loss trying to reason with the horrific event, Ada said, β€œHe was taken from us by this random act that I don’t find a purpose of it. What did they gain?”

As the family mourns the untimely death of young Alan, their sole demand is for justice to be served. Investigators are still actively searching for the shooter.