Teen boy arrested for 2-year-old’s death in drive-by shooting

In a development that brings the San Antonio community one step closer to justice, a 17-year-old, Derrain Turner, has been apprehended by local police for his alleged involvement in the tragic shooting of a 2-year-old girl last month.

The incident occurred on May 8th, around 1:30 pm. Police got a call that reported a shooting at a residence. Upon their arrival, law enforcement officers discovered the horrifying scene of a toddler fatally struck by bullets near the front door of her home. The victim, identified as Mackenzie Hernandez Garcia, had been standing near the entrance when the bullets struck her.

In this disturbing incident, five other children aged between two and six were also present inside the home. Thankfully, none were injured. The police chief voiced his strong condemnation of the violent act, emphasizing its sheer recklessness and the utter disregard for the potential harm it could cause.

In an unexpected twist, authorities revealed that the home targeted in the shooting had no prior issues, with only a single occurrence leading to the drive-by shooting.

Investigators worked diligently to piece together the events that led to the shooting. They were able to obtain surveillance footage and additional evidence that suggested Turner was not only a passenger in the car during the drive-by shooting but was also likely the shooter.

Police released the surveillance footage to the public, resulting in an anonymous tip-off about the car having been stolen. Acting on this tip, officers were able to recover the vehicle following Turner’s arrest.

As the investigation continues, police are still seeking the driver involved in the incident. At this time, it remains unclear what charges the driver may face.