Teen allegedly murders a man for looking at him the wrong way

MONROE, NC – A 15-year-old has been arrested by Monroe police for shooting a 24-year-old man to death. Luiz Lopez-Garcia, the victim of the shooting, was targeted after allegedly giving the teen a hostile look. The tragic incident unfolded on Saturday evening at approximately 9:40 p.m. on Walkup Avenue, located between Highway 74 and the Monroe Bypass.

Reports suggest that Lopez-Garcia exited the Beni-Mart store on that fateful day. It was during this moment that the teenage suspect, who was in a car nearby, reportedly took offense to Lopez-Garcia’s gaze and responded by shooting him.

Detectives from the Monroe Police Department swiftly initiated an investigation, speaking with witnesses and reviewing surveillance camera footage. Monroe Police Captain Steve Morton expressed the senselessness of the act, emphasizing that it appeared to have occurred without any justifiable reason.

The teenage suspect had evaded authorities since the incident on Saturday, prompting concerns about his possession of a firearm and potential danger to the community. In response, police secured a custody order through the North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice due to the suspect’s age. His identity remains undisclosed.

Authorities have stated that the shooting appears to be an isolated incident, reassuring the public that there is no ongoing threat. Chief Gilliard extended condolences to the victim’s family and conveyed the determination of law enforcement to ensure justice for this senseless act of violence.

Monroe police have urged anyone with information related to the case to contact them.