Surveillance cameras catch dumb criminals accidentally catching themselves on fire

Two men are caught on camera setting fire to an immigration services building in Bakersfield. Following the fire they started, the two men caught fire themselves.

Shortly after dousing more gasoline and spraying it all over the security camera, one of the suspects then ignites gasoline that would set the building on fire, but then accidentally set themselves on fire too.

Surveillance footage caught the suspects dousing the building and the security camera in gasoline. However, in the process, they came into contact with gasoline. When they tried to ignite the flammable liquid and destroy the building, one of the vandals caught himself on fire as well.

The suspects didn’t follow safety protocols to extinguish the self-inflicted fire. Instead, they run away while still on fire. A short time later, firefighters extinguished the fire, limiting damage to the garage of the building.

The incident was captured by two different cameras. Upon viewing the footage, officials were shocked by what caused the fire.

Eyewitness News spoke with KCFD Captain Andrew Freeborn, who said the fire was put out in about 10 minutes. The captain shared, “When firefighters arrived, they had found that the fire was located towards the rear of the structure and the garage area.”

The firefighter said smoke got into the building, but the flames were contained to the garage area. Regardless of the containment, the damage had already been done.

The video shows what was lost in the fire, including an industrial fan that burned and a ring security camera that melted from the blazing temperatures.

The current injuries and status of the suspects that started the fire is currently unknown.