Shootout over video game injures three police officers

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A domestic dispute over a video game resulted in a shootout that left three Philadelphia police officers injured and the suspect dead on Wednesday evening, according to local authorities. The officers, two of whom were shot in the leg and one in the hand, were rushed to the hospital where they are now in stable condition.

The incident occurred at a residence where the police were called in response to an argument about a loud video game. The call was made by a 12-year-old boy who reported that his father had shot his uncle. Upon arrival, the father opened fire on the officers, who returned fire, resulting in the man’s death.

The uncle, who was also shot during the dispute, was hospitalized and is currently in critical condition. A woman and the child who were present during the incident managed to leave the house unscathed.

Philadelphia’s Acting Police Commissioner, John Stanford, confirmed the details of the incident. He also revealed that the deceased suspect was known to the police department and was reportedly suffering from a mental illness.

Mayor Jim Kenney expressed his relief that the officers are expected to recover and wished them a speedy recovery. Meanwhile, Council member Katherine Gilmore Richardson expressed her deep sadness and anger over the incident on social media.

This incident comes as Philadelphia, like many other U.S. cities, is grappling with a surge in crime. The city has seen a significant increase in homicides and overall crime in the past two years, with nearly 70,000 property crimes reported in 2022 alone, marking a 30% increase from the previous year.