Shootout in Detroit injures three teens and a 20-year-old

On Thursday night, Detroit felt the stark, destructive reality of gun violence when a dispute between two groups of people ended in four individuals sustaining gunshot wounds.

Detroit Police Chief James White reported the incident stemmed from a delivery at a home on the 13500 block of Penrod, in which 30 shots were heard. One of the victims is currently in critical condition, while another in their twenties is stable.

With the police in possession of one suspect and at least four guns, Chief White spoke of the level of violence present, saying it was absolutely unacceptable and that the department was not playing around.

Expressing grave concern for not just the victims, but for the many minors amongst the 11 people who were removed from the home – ranging from seven to twenty years old – Chief White highlighted the importance of neighborhood watch and closer community engagement to prevent such tragedies from being repeated.