Shootout at Miami Beach Spring Break Bar

A tragedy occurred near the popular Miami Beach destination of Ocean Drive on the evening of Friday, March 12th. As hundreds of people enjoyed their spring break evening near the corner of Seventh Street, two men fell victim to a violent shootout.

The Miami Beach Police Department responded to the shots fired at 10.41pm, accompanied by the sound of large crowds fleeing in fear.

On the scene, police detained one man and discovered three guns, while two victims were taken to the Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center.

Unfortunately, one of them succumbed to his injuries, while the other remains in a critical condition. The ages and localities of the men affected by the shootout remain currently unknown.

The first evening of the Spring Break curfew was met with a faster-than-normal dispersal, a symptom of Miami Beach’s “false alarm panics,” which have reportedly sparked “stampede situations.”

Officers made use of golf carts and all-terrain-vehicles to try and remain mobile. However, their mission was complicated by the witness accounts of the incident, who observed spring breakers all over the scene.

In a related issue in the night’s events, two women visiting from Holland were robbed at gunpoint near a nearby condominium building. The suspect managed to steal a purse, money and a Rolex watch. The women were understandably startled, as the assailant knew their names, leaving them the conclusion they were deliberately set up.