Shooting during Juneteenth celebrations leaves multiple injured

OAKLAND, CA – Multiple people were injured late on Wednesday night in a shooting during Juneteenth celebrations. The festivities were being hosted around Lake Merritt, as per the Oakland Police Department’s statement.

An estimated 5,000 people gathered for the celebration near the lake were taken by surprise when an illegal vehicle and motorbike sideshow led to a violent confrontation. The altercation escalated and ultimately ended in gunfire.

According to the police, it remains unclear if one or multiple shooters were involved in the incident. The exact number of victims and severity of injuries are also currently under investigation, but the police have confirmed no fatalities as of their early Thursday statement.

Despite there being no reported fatalities, multiple individuals were inflicted by gunshot wounds. After the shooting broke out, they were privately transported to different hospitals for immediate attention.

The Oakland Fire Department spokesperson, Michael Hunt, has reported at least four confirmed shooting victims and several other injuries.

Additionally, minor injuries were sustained by a few police officers when they tried to usher the crowd towards safety, with one person taken into custody for assaulting an officer.

Oakland Police emphasized that the Juneteenth events taking place in the area were not authorized events.