Shooting breaks out during massive ‘senior skip day’

LONG ISLAND, NY – An incident that began as high school students skipping school for a day at a beach in Long Island quickly escalated into bullets flying and a mob scene involving more than 2,000 teenagers.

Caught in startling video footage, gunfire rang at approximately 6 o’clock Thursday evening in the city of Long Beach, resulting in a rushed response from local police officers. One individual was shot amidst the chaos, according to official reports. The massive turnout led local authorities to seek backup assistance from the police department in Nassau County.

The video clip also reveals some of the teens climbing onto a police vehicle and gyrating peculiarly while officers tried to reign in the unruly crowd. Other views show several hundreds of the teens mounting a lifeguard stand at the beach.

Interim Long Beach Police Commissioner Richard De Palma urged parents and educators to guide young people on the potential dangers of unruly events involving such large groups, comparing the volatile and unpredictable nature of such gatherings to a fuse that can set off chaos.

A gun was discovered at the site of the commotion, forcing the authorities to arrest a duo of teens. Both were charged with various counts, including assault attempt, endangerment, and illegal possession of firearms and oversized ammunition feeding mechanisms. As per the law, the identities of the two juvenile defendants remain undisclosed.

The injured victim, also a minor, is said to be in stable condition in a nearby hospital. Officers were reportedly dealing with the unruly mob without the aid of lifeguards on duty.