Shocking video: Car catapulted into the air by rouge tire

A shocking crash on a Los Angeles freeway last Thursday was caught on camera, spreading quickly across social media. Comparing the video footage to accounts from the Los Angeles Police Department and California Highway Patrol reveals further shocking details.

A white pickup truck transporting a tire was driving on the Ronald Reagan Freeway in the Chatsworth area.

Unexpectedly, its front left tire flew off and was hurled into the lane directly in front of a Kia Soul. This prompted a catastrophic collision, resulting in the Kia going airborne and landing on its roof before rolling several times.

Although the tire went on to hit the back of the car, the sole occupant of the Kia reportedly emerged from the accident with only minor injuries.

The pickup truck‚Äôs tire had apparently been attached with sheared-off lug nuts, an oversight that nearly had fatal consequences. From the L.A.P.D.’s perspective, the incident thankfully resulted in no major casualties.