Serial killer nurse on trial for murdering 10 babies and attempting to kill 7 more

At a UK court, prosecutors reported that a baby who had been allegedly attacked by serial killer nurse, Lucy Letby, showed remarkable improvement in their recovery.

Letby, 32, is accused of trying to kill the infant, who is identified as Child H, at the Countess of Chester Hospital’s neonatal unit on two different occasions, Fox News reported.

The accused killer is currently on trial for the murders of ten babies in total and for attempting to murder seven more, including Child H. She committed these crimes at the Liverpool hospital between the period of June 2015 to June 2016.

Child H, who was born six weeks premature, was said to be doing “fine” at first. But after being moved to the neonatal unit where Letby was working, the newborn suffered two sudden collapses.  

On September 26th, 2015, the parents of Child H were startled out of their sleep and informed to go to the neonatal unit urgently. When they arrived, they saw medical personnel attempting to revive their child. The mother of Child H later wrote a statement that recounted her experience.

The mother told the BBC, “staff managed to get [Child H] back and continued working on her, [but] they were not able to explain why she suffered a cardiac collapse.”

The parents stayed with the infant during the day and slept in a different room when nighttime came. However, they were once again summoned back to the unit and met with an almost identical situation.

Benjamin Myers, representing Letby, attributed Child’s H’s unexpected collapses to “inadequate care” at the hospital and asserted they had no connection to the defendant.

In 2018, Letby was taken into custody by the police, who had started to look into a sudden increase in the amount of infants passing away while under her care in the neonatal unit. It is believed that the disgraced nurse had tried to take the life of another child by force-feeding them an excessive amount of milk through a nasal tube.

Following Child H’s recuperation from her second medical episode, she was relocated to another medical facility, where her father reported that she had made considerable progress.