Second Jewish Person Shot in Los Angeles In As Many Days

Two Orthodox Jewish men have been shot leaving their synagogue, or Shul, in Pico-Shul, a heavily populated Jewish area in Los Angeles, for the second day in a row.

The first shooting happened the previous day, less than a block away from the second.

On Thursday morning, a suspect, initially identified as a White male, fired several rounds from inside a vehicle, hitting the victim in the arm before fleeing the scene.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and listed in stable condition. The previous day, a man fired a weapon twice, hitting another person leaving a Shul, who was also listed in stable condition.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office believes the same suspect could be behind both incidents. Police are urging anyone with information to call their hotline. The shootings have left members of the Jewish community worried, with some calling for the city to take a stronger stand to protect its citizens.

Private community watch group Magen Am has put its protected schools and volunteers on heightened alert.