Scissor-wielding man arrested after randomly slashing victims in NYC

A man armed with scissors went on a slashing spree in the West Village on Thursday morning, targeting unsuspecting victims in apparently random attacks. The 45-year-old suspect, described as emotionally disturbed, assaulted two individuals before fleeing to Midtown, where he was apprehended by law enforcement. Both victims, fortunately, declined medical attention. The incident left witnesses shocked and concerned about the safety of their neighborhood.

The disturbing incidents occurred around 9:30 a.m. on Hudson Street, specifically at the intersections of Christopher and Bleecker Streets. The assailant approached a man and slashed him in the neck with the scissors. Shortly after, he targeted a 24-year-old man, inflicting a slash wound on his right forearm. The motive behind these attacks remains unclear, as the victims appeared to be chosen by the attacker at random.

A server from The Butcher’s Daughter restaurant, located nearby, immediately dialed 911 upon witnessing the chaotic scene. He described the assailant as a man wearing a blue shirt and multiple chains, who was yelling and screaming. Another witness, Yang Jung Kyu, co-owner of the Abingdon Market, revealed that one of the victims was enjoying a sandwich outside their establishment when the attack occurred. Kyu, who has been running the shop for 15 years, heard the screams and rushed outside, only to find the victim fleeing while the attacker went in the opposite direction.

NYPD Transit officers, vigilant in their duties, apprehended the suspect at West 43rd Street and Eighth Avenue. The individual, identified as Hassan Victoria by law enforcement sources, has a troubled past. Records indicate that he served nearly 16 years in prison, from 1996 to 2012, for a first-degree manslaughter conviction. Additionally, he has faced separate sentences for criminal contempt. Victoria was released on parole in December 2022.

The motive for these random attacks remains unknown, leaving residents and authorities concerned about the safety of the community. Charges against the suspect are pending, and investigators are working diligently to uncover any potential connections or motives behind the assaults.