Roof collapse near Ohio State University sends 14 to the hospital

On Saturday night, chaos ensued in Columbus, Ohio, when a roof unexpectedly gave way, resulting in mass injuries at an off-campus building. Around 15 to 45 people were standing on the structure when it crumbled, sending 14 individuals to the hospital.

No fatalities were reported and all victims are in stable condition, the incident serves as a reminder of the danger posed when safety regulations are overlooked.

Current local fire battalion chief Jeffrey Geitter is leading the investigation and reveals that the roof design was not intended to hold such a large amount of people. Witnesses also recall hearing a loud crack seconds before the collapse.

Though the building in question is not located on Ohio State University’s campus, the school is working with first responders to provide assistance in any way possible.

It is unclear whether the people on the roof at the time of the incident were OSU students or if the building was constructed and maintained up to required codes and regulations. The Columbus Division of Fire is hard at work to answer these questions, while the accident serves as an unfortunate reminder of the need to follow safety codes and regulations.