Renowned doctor found dead after killing her baby in horrific murder-suicide

In a devastating turn of events, a prominent cancer doctor in New York City took her own life and that of her baby in a murder-suicide at their residence. Dr. Krystal Cascetta, an oncologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, tragically ended both her life and her baby’s in their home located in Somers, a town approximately 50 miles northeast of New York City. The New York State Police confirmed the incident, describing the scene as consistent with a murder-suicide. The details surrounding the age of the baby remain unclear, as authorities are withholding further information.

According to Trooper Steven Nevel, the 911 call originated from inside the residence. The caller, upon hearing the first gunshot, rushed to the baby’s room. They initially believed that something had fallen and caused the loud, abrupt sound. However, a second gunshot was heard before the caller reached the room. Breaking down the locked door, the caller discovered the lifeless bodies of the mother and baby. Nevel emphasized that there is no doubt that this was a murder-suicide based on the evidence at the scene.

Dr. Krystal Cascetta was a highly regarded oncologist specializing in the treatment of breast, bone, gynecological, and gastrointestinal cancers. She held the position of site chief at the Mount Sinai Queens Infusion Center, a renowned cancer and blood disorders treatment facility. Additionally, she held the position of assistant professor of medicine in the Icahn School of Medicine’s hematology and medical oncology division.

The tragic loss of Dr. Cascetta and her child has deeply saddened the Mount Sinai community. A spokesperson for Mount Sinai Health System expressed their heartfelt sympathies to Dr. Cascetta’s family, friends, colleagues, and patients.

The motive behind this tragic event remains unknown.