Police shoot and kill sexual assault suspect

CLAYTON COUNTY, GA – A fatal police shooting occurred on Thursday at the intersection of Riverdale Road and Crystal Lake, Clayton County. The decedent, identified as Robert Prince, 38, was under investigation for sexual assault, as reported by local police.

According to police reports, the sexual assault incident happened late Wednesday night. The Georgia Bureau of Investigations stated that the Clayton County police officers were conducting an investigation into claims of sexual assault and false imprisonment involving Prince and his wife.

Upon arriving at the location where the alleged sexual assault had occurred, officers noticed Prince driving by in a black car. The officers trailed Prince to a Valero gas station on Riverdale Road, intending to detain him for further questioning.

However, upon the officers’ arrival, Prince exited his vehicle and began firing shots at them, damaging a police car. In response, one of the officers returned fire, fatally wounding Prince.

Fortunately, no police officers were injured in the exchange.

A nearby Uber driver, who was on site and witnessed the entire incident, indicated that Prince was a regular at the gas station, often seen inside playing on the gambling machines.

Thursday morning she heard several shots fired, and looking up, she recalled seeing an individual shooting at the police officers. After being shot, the suspect collapsed and was subsequently handcuffed by the police officers.