Police release bodycam footage of mass shooter at Texas mall

In a remarkable display of bravery, a police officer from Allen, Texas, was captured on body camera video sprinting towards a mass shooter moments after kindly reminding children to buckle their seat belts. The officer’s decisive action on May 6 at the Allen Premium Outlets resulted in the neutralization of the threat, but not before eight innocent lives were tragically lost. The Allen Police Chief, Brian Harvey, commended the officer for his heroic actions, emphasizing how a routine interaction quickly transformed into a life-and-death situation.

The released body camera footage reveals the officer engaging in a pleasant conversation with children and a woman near his parked car in the mall parking lot. Suddenly, gunshots shattered the tranquility, prompting the officer to immediately sprint towards the source of the shots. The officer, who remains unidentified, swiftly responded by opening fire on the assailant. Amidst the chaos, the officer urgently communicated his actions to his colleagues, ensuring the safety of those nearby.

The officer’s voice, filled with adrenaline, echoed through the video. He provided his location, mentioning the nearby hat store, Lids, and urged others to stay away from the gunman’s body, which was blurred out just outside a Fatburger restaurant. Seeking confirmation, the officer questioned if the gunman was down. Another officer promptly confirmed the successful neutralization of the shooter, eliciting a mix of relief and awe from the shooting officer.

The victims of this tragic incident were identified as Kyu Song Cho, 37; Cindy Cho, 35; James Cho, 3; Aishwarya Thatikonda, 27; Daniela Mendoza, 11; Sofia Mendoza, 8; Christian LaCour, 20; and Elio Cumana-Rivas, 32. Their lives were abruptly cut short by the senseless act of violence that unfolded at the Allen Premium Outlets.

The Allen Police Chief expressed the community’s eternal gratitude for the officer’s bravery and emphasized the importance of recognizing the split-second decisions officers must make to protect the public.