Police recover body from Harlem River after two boys go missing

In a tragic development in the case of two missing boys in New York, authorities recovered a body from the Harlem River on Thursday. The discovery comes after 13-year-old Garrett Warren of Harlem and 11-year-old Alfa Barrie of The Bronx disappeared over the last weekend.

The pair were reportedly last seen between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Investigators, basing their assessment on the shoes on the found body, believe it belongs to Garrett. An official identification and the cause of death will be confirmed by the city’s medical examiner.

Garrett was last reported to be near his residence early Saturday morning. Law enforcement officers obtained surveillance footage showing the two boys navigating past a large group on Lenox Avenue around Friday evening.

Alfa’s disappearance was reported on Sunday morning, with Garrett reported missing on Monday afternoon, according to Brian Gill, Deputy Chief Commanding Officer of Manhattan’s Detective Bureau. Despite attending separate schools, the boys were recorded on camera together, heading out from one of their homes.

The NYPD’s harbor unit has been relentless in their search for the boys, covering land, air, and sea. The advanced equipment at their disposal, including helicopters and the harbor unit, has been put to extensive use in the hopes of finding the missing children.

Alfa’s sister, Fatima Diallo, described the distress their family has been experiencing, especially given that Alfa, the youngest of six siblings, has a habit of regularly checking in with his family.

The family initially thought Alfa was at his older sister’s home, a common destination for him after school on Fridays. However, the familyeventually pieced together that Alfa had spent time with a child known as “Man man” – who was later identified as Garrett – through discussions with his friends.

Neither Alfa’s family nor Garrett’s had prior knowledge of their children’s friendship until the search began. Garrett, fondly remembered by his grandmother as a basketball enthusiast, had never been away from home this long. His disappearance, particularly over Mother’s Day weekend, was deeply uncharacteristic.

As the search continues for Alfa, families, investigators, and the entire community are holding onto hope for a safe return.