Podcaster and Husband Shot Dead in Home Invasion by Suspected Stalker

On Friday morning, a suspected stalker broke into the home of a podcaster and her husband. The alleged stalker shot them both to death.

The couple was identified as Jennifer B. and James D. Green. It was also discovered that the stalking suspect, 38-year-old Ramin Khodakaramrezaei, had died in the house.

Redmond police were alerted to the shooting after the mother of the female victim managed to escape and called the authorities from a neighbor’s house.

Police arrived at the house and found a male resident lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to his chest. At the scene, officers performed lifesaving measures, but he ultimately died from his injuries.

After police entered the home, officers found the bodies of Khodakaramrezaei and Jennifer Green, who was allegedly being stalked by the suspect.

According to reporters, the suspect broke into the house through a window. A brief altercation occurred between the suspect and the victim’s mother before she made her escape.

The police were already familiar with the victim and the residence, as there was an ongoing stalking investigation.