Plane crash kills five people

NASHVILLE, TN – A tragic incident unfolded near Interstate 40 in Tennessee on Monday night when a small plane was compelled to execute an emergency landing, resulting in the death of five individuals, as reported by the Metro Nashville Police Department.

The single-engine aircraft met its unfortunate fate near I-40 East at Mile Marker 203, in the vicinity of West Nashville, a locality approximately three miles from John C. Tune Airport. According to Don Aaron, a Police spokesperson, the control tower at the airport received a distress call around 7:40 p.m. from the ill-fated aircraft, citing engine and power failure and requesting urgent landing clearance.

Although the airport granted permission for an emergency landing, the pilot relayed the grim news that the aircraft would not be able to reach the runway. The plane subsequently crashed about three miles south of the airport.

The aircraft met its catastrophic end, erupting into flames, behind a Costco store just off the eastbound lanes of I-40. The crash was reported to dispatch at 7:44 p.m. Aaron confirmed that no vehicles or structures were impacted by the crash and the fatalities were all occupants of the plane.

Kendra Loney, a spokesperson for the Nashville Fire Department, stated that multiple witnesses saw the plane descend and the aircraft was destroyed upon impact. “That impact was catastrophic and did not leave any survivors,” Loney reported at the news briefing.

Upon arrival, fire crews were greeted by intense flames and smoke. Firefighters managed to quell the flames and secure the scene for further investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board.

The interstate was temporarily closed on Monday night, with lanes expected to reopen Tuesday morning. However, motorists were advised to anticipate slow traffic and potential delays in the area.

The National Transportation Safety Board is spearheading the investigation, with updates to be provided as the inquiry progresses.