Officers Charged In Overdose Death Of Detainee

The passing of Keishon D. Thomas has been compounded by the criminal charges levied against two of the Milwaukee Police Officers connected to the case.

This month, Donald Krueger and Marco Lopez were hit with allegations of felony abuse of person in custody and misdemeanor misconduct in office for their role in Thomas’ arrest and subsequent passing.

According to the criminal complaint, Krueger and Lopez were the officers present when Thomas was apprehended and brought to the Fifth Precinct. While Krueger was handling the booking process, Thomas revealed that he had taken drugs, threw up, and began to perspire heavily.

Krueger reportedly chose not to call an ambulance, despite the obvious need for medical attention. Lopez then took over the booking duties and allegedly falsified entries concerning his checks of the inmate every 15 minutes, as was protocol.

The serious charges against the officers involved in the Thomas case are a reminder of the weight that law enforcement must carry when it comes to accountability and responsibility. It is a tragic situation and one in which the Milwaukee PD must take steps to ensure that the highest standards in training, devising investigating procedures, and firing of officers in cases of misconduct are upheld.

The department must also take steps to ensure proper resolution and response in emergency medical situations, especially when they are foreseeable.