Officer-involved shooting at Greyhound bus station

Atlanta Police responded to an officer-involved shooting near a Greyhound bus station early Sunday morning. The incident took place around 4:40 a.m. near Forsyth and Brotherton Streets, as confirmed by an Atlanta Police Department spokesperson.

The officers, who were working an off-duty job at the time, were informed about a disruptive individual without a bus ticket causing a disturbance. The 30-year-old man was escorted outside the bus station by the staff but refused to leave the premises when asked.

When the police approached and engaged in conversation with the man, the situation took a dangerous turn as the man began firing at the officers. In response, one of the officers shot back, hitting the man. He was subsequently transported to Grady Hospital and is now in stable condition. Fortunately, none of the officers involved were injured during the altercation.

Greyhound officials have also issued a statement regarding the event, pledging their full cooperation with law enforcement during the investigation. The statement emphasized that Greyhound’s top priority is the safety of its passengers.