NYPD officer killed in deadly Facebook Marketplace robbery

On Tuesday, law enforcement sources declared that the NYPD police officer, who was married with two children, had been fatally shot during an attempted robbery in Brooklyn on the weekend and was in a critical condition.

Officer Adeed Fayaz, age 26 and a veteran of the NYPD for five years, was sustained on life support at Brookdale Hospital following the malicious attack.

At approximately 7 o’clock in the evening, the fatal incident happened on Ruby Street close to Linden Boulevard in East New York. Fayaz was attempting to buy a car through Facebook Marketplace.

Authorities reported that the perpetrator attempted to rob Fayaz with a gun, however, it is unlikely that the suspect was aware that Fayaz was in fact a police officer of the New York Police Department.

At 3:25 p.m. on Tuesday, it was determined that the officer had passed away.

Keechant Sewell, the Commissioner for the New York Police Department, along with both high-ranking and low-ranking officers from the department, stayed at the hospital throughout the day to provide comfort to lamenting relatives. Some of his grieving family had even flown in from Pakistan.

A large gathering of NYPD officers, including high-ranking personnel, lined the streets outside the hospital as the body of Officer Fayaz was taken away in an ambulance to the City Medical Examiner’s Office close to 7 pm. His relatives held onto his two sons during the solemn event.