North Carolina County Placing AR-15 In Every School In Response To Uvalde Massacre

North Carolina county to place an AR-15 in each school in response to Uvalde massacre – New York Post

Madison County, N.C., schools have installed AR-15 rifles in emergency safes as a precaution after the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting. The schools have also purchased breaching tools and extra magazines with ammo to be used in the event of a school shooting.

Some local residents helped fund the new program to put guns in schools, but not everyone is pleased with the decision.

Madison County Schools Superintendent Will Hoffman said that the system’s administration has been in regular contact with Harwood and the rest of the police department about school security. Harwood acknowledged that people might have concerns about AR-15s being located in school, but argued that it would be safer on the whole.

Hoffman said school resource officers have been trained to use AR-15s and have been given tools to breach barricaded doors if needed.

Schools are scheduled to reopen Aug. 22, according to the Madison County Schools website. School resource officers may have to handle AR-15s in schools, but Harwood believes it is a necessary response.

States around the country are putting more police in schools, and arming teachers. A new law in Ohio allows teachers to bear arms with less than 24 hours of training.

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