Neighborhood shooting leaves 27-year-old man dead

A tragic incident occurred in Atlanta’s Riverside neighborhood this past Sunday morning, where a 27-year-old man lost his life to a gunshot wound. Local police authorities are currently investigating the case.

The Atlanta Police Department (APD) disclosed that the victim suffered two gunshot injuries in his torso. It was further suggested that he may have been working as a security guard, but there was no evidence to suggest he was on duty or acting in his professional role at the time.

The shooting took place amid an apparent disagreement at a location corresponding with a former furniture outlet on Main Street, which is currently serving as a rental venue for events. The authorities reported that there could have been a gathering of up to 50 individuals present at the time of the incident.

Multiple eyewitnesses were present during the tragic event, according to APD’s statement.

A local resident reportedly heard a series of what they identified as five to six gunshots around 5:30 am. The APD confirmed that they received a distress call regarding the incident ten minutes later.

Police cordoned off a nearby area around Bolton Road and Main Street for investigation purposes. The road, initially closed for roughly half a mile, was reopened later in the morning.

APD officers are appealing to the public for assistance in locating a light green Nissan Moreno, identifiable by a bullet hole in the rear driver’s side door and a missing handle on the rear passenger side door. The year and license plate details of the car were not immediately available.

APD’s Captain Jeff Childers encouraged anyone with information about the vehicle to promptly contact local law enforcement.