Multiple deputies shot in ambush at domestic call

DIXON, IL – In a harrowing incident early Wednesday, three deputies from the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department were injured in a shooting while responding to a distress call in Dixon, Illinois. The call, which involved threats of suicide and homicide, led to a tense standoff in the Lost Lake gated community.

The emergency response team was deployed to the scene just before 9 a.m. After numerous failed attempts to contact the individual inside the home, authorities decided to make entry. Upon entering, the deputies were immediately fired upon, resulting in injuries to three officers.

The injured deputies were swiftly taken to a nearby hospital and are reported to be in stable condition. The suspect, who was also shot during the exchange, is likewise in stable condition and under medical care.

This incident underscores the unpredictable and dangerous nature of law enforcement duties. The Illinois State Police have assumed control of the investigation, aiming to piece together the events that led to the confrontation.

Residents of Dixon, a typically quiet community, are grappling with the shock of the event. Local officials have commended the bravery and quick actions of the deputies and emergency response teams.

As the investigation proceeds, authorities are asking for any additional information from the public to aid in their efforts. The community remains vigilant as they await further details from the ongoing investigation.