MSU Professor Speaks Out After Deadly Gunfire Broke Out In His Classroom

Michigan State University (MSU) is in mourning after two of its students were killed and five more critically injured in a shooting incident on campus last week. The event took place on February 13, when a 43-year-old gunman opened fire at two university buildings, Berkey Hall and the MSU Union.

Assistant Professor Marco Díaz-Muñoz was teaching Cuban cultural identity in Berkey Hall when the shooter arrived in his classroom, firing several rounds at the students. The professor claimed that the shots were fired at random, and that he couldn’t determine how long the shooter was present.

Seven of the eight students who were shot were in his class, with Alexandria Verner and Arielle Anderson dying from their injuries. According to Professor Díaz-Muñoz, five other students were critically injured and hospitalized.

Berkey Hall will remain closed for the rest of the semester, and students have called for a more supportive response from the university. The attack left many students traumatized, and some are requesting more time off from classes to cope with the tragedy.

The investigation into the mass shooting is underway, with multiple law enforcement agencies involved. The shooter was not a student or a member of faculty, and no clear motive has been established.

The suspect was found by police about 3.8 miles away in Lansing, where he reportedly shot and killed himself. Officers found two 9mm handguns, several loaded and unloaded magazines, and dozens of rounds of ammunition on his person, along with a list of additional targets.

The tragic incident has left the MSU community shaken, with the university canceling all classes until this Sunday. The attack is yet another tragic reminder of the urgent need to tackle gun violence in America.