Mother And Son Killed As Deadly Tornadoes Wipe Entire Community ‘Off The Map’

Several southern states were battered by major storms that spawned dangerous tornadoes, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. These tornadoes ripped through parts of the southern United States late Tuesday into Wednesday morning, leveling a community in Alabama and destroying mobile homes.

This powerful late-season severe weather event caused tornadoes, torrential rain, and damaging winds. This combination made for perilous driving conditions.

Residents were warned to take cover immediately. One official even made a statement about the aftermath of these storms, saying, “It’s absolutely looking like a small community has been wiped off the map.”

Two people were killed when a tornado hit the Flatwood community just outside of Montgomery, Alabama. Chiquita Broadnax, 39, and her 8-year-old son were the residents that were killed during the storm.

Footage of the tornado’s aftermath shows the steeple being ripped off of a church in Louisiana, which caused four people to be seriously injured. Multiple wrecks after drivers moved too quickly through the icy streets, and more severe storms are possible as this sprawling late season system pushes East.

Several others were injured during this storm in Flatwood, but thanks to the heroic efforts of first responders, many other lives were saved.

Areas were also pelted by large hail as the punishing storms made their way across the South. Flood watches were issued for parts of southeast Mississippi and southwest Alabama, and heavy snow was slowing down traffic. Thirty-six total tornado reports were made across Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

La Nia conditions developed in the Pacific Ocean for the third winter in a row, causing more severe weather, including damaging twisters.

High-wind alerts have also been issued for most of the Northeast, where strong thunderstorms are possible. Heavy rain and gusty winds are expected from Washington, D.C. to Boston.