Mom killed by stray bullet while taking her daughter prom dress shopping

In a heartbreaking incident, a Texas mother was hit by a stray bullet during a daytime exchange of gunfire while chauffeuring her daughter to shop for a prom dress.

Ana Moreno, a 39-year-old mother of three, was inadvertently ensnared in a violent altercation between passengers in two vehicles near a Dallas mall on a recent Saturday.

The deceased’s 18-year-old daughter, Amy Rodriguez, recounted the terrifying moments leading to her mother’s untimely death. Amy and her mother were en route to pick up her prom dress when they were startled by the sound of gunfire in close proximity. Despite Amy’s pleas for her mother to continue driving, Ana signaled that she was unable to proceed. The vehicle then crashed, and Ana, mortally wounded, collapsed onto her daughter.

Faced with the brutal reality of her mother’s condition, Amy’s concern for her prom was swiftly replaced by a desperate wish for her mother’s survival. Unfortunately, Ana was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Jacob Faz, a bystander, described the harrowing scene that unfolded as he tried to aid the wounded mother after her distraught daughter sought help. However, his attempts were in vain, as Ana had already ceased breathing.

Ana’s younger daughter, Michelle Rodriguez, 17, lamented that her mother was eagerly anticipating Amy’s prom and their impending graduation. A fundraiser has been initiated to raise $15,000 to cover funeral expenses for the family, which also includes a son.

The senseless violence that led to Ana’s death also critically injured three men. As of now, the police have not clarified whether these individuals were innocent bystanders or involved in the shooting.