Mom and stepmom both plead guilty to 4-year-old’s death from scalding bath

The grim tale of a young Baltimore boy’s death in 2019 has taken another heartbreaking turn, as the child’s stepmother has now joined his mother in admitting her role in the tragic events.

Malachi Lawson, a 4-year-old boy, suffered severe burns after being placed in a scalding bath by his stepmother, Shatika Lawson. As per the reports, Shatika was allegedly engrossed in a phone call when she immersed Malachi in the hot bath, resulting in injuries so severe that pieces of the boy’s skin were found floating in the water.

Despite the boy’s critical condition, the Lawsons refrained from seeking medical help due to their apprehension that Malachi would be taken away from them.

Nine days post the tragic incident, Alicia Lawson, Malachi’s biological mother, found her son unresponsive. In a horrifying response, she proceeded to wrap the lifeless body in a blanket, placed him in a trash bag, and discarded him in a dumpster across town using a ride share service.

Attempting to deflect suspicion, the pair reported Malachi as missing. However, their deceit was eventually uncovered when investigators discovered the boy’s body in the dumpster days later. Adding to the damning evidence against Alicia Lawson, it was revealed that she had searched for trash pickup schedules on the very day her son lost his life.

In August 2021, Alicia Lawson acknowledged her guilt. She pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in death, and consequentially received a life sentence with all but 30 years suspended.

In a parallel development, Shatika Lawson also admitted her guilt to the same charge on a Tuesday, with her sentencing set for December 6, according to WJZ reports.