Missing woman gets trafficked, found at motel after seven years

INKSTER, MI – Police have rescued a woman missing for seven years from a motel in Inkster, Michigan, asserting that her desperate cries helped officers locate her. The Michigan State Police reported on Thursday that the woman, who disappeared in 2017, had panic-strickenly reached out to her step-parents. She claimed that she was being detained at a motel.

Although her exact location was uncertain, officers ascertained she was being held at the Evergreen Motel. Upon reaching the motel, their suspicions were confirmed. A cry-resembling sound was what attracted the officers to her precise location, Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw confirmed.

The law enforcement officers had to forcibly gain entry into the room where they found the woman, now in her 30s, alone, seemingly physically unscathed. The room was, however, littered with drugs and a firearm.
The victim was immediately taken to a hospital for a check-up and is currently under counseling. According to police reports, she has been reunited with her family.

While the authorities are refraining from disclosing the woman’s identity, they have confirmed that human trafficking detectives are dealing with the case. The nature of the victim’s initial involvement in the incident remains somewhat unclear.

The police have identified a suspect related to the case, although no arrests have taken place as yet. Inkster, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, has a population of around 25,700 residents.