McDonald’s employee fires shots at customer in drive-thru

LAKELAND, FL – A Lakeland McDonald’s employee found herself in police custody after she began firing shots at a customer’s vehicle early on Friday morning. Police have identified the employee as 22-year-old Chassidy Gardner, who carried a Glock 22 to her workplace.

The incident escalated when a customer at the drive-thru claimed Gardner had made a mistake with their order. Surveillance footage revealed that Gardner responded by opening the drive-thru window and tossing a drink at the customers. The situation continued to dramatically unfold as one customer then reached inside the window, throwing cups in the direction of the employees.

The conflict escalated further when a second customer from the group splashed a liquid on Gardner. Video surveillance further shows Gardner carrying a white tote bag outside to the parking area.

According to the customers’ accounts, this was when they heard two gunshots and subsequently found a bullet had hit their vehicle.

Gardner reported various versions of the incident in the arrest affidavit. However, she eventually maintained that she fired her weapon, intending to give warning shots out of fear for her life. The McDonald’s employee claims that she did not target anyone specifically when she opened fire at the drive-thru.