Man Wanted For Quadruple Murder. Considered Armed And Dangerous.

In Aurora, Colorado, police are searching for the suspect accused of shooting and killing four adults early Sunday morning.

As of Sunday afternoon, 21-year-old Joseph Castorena, who police say has a history of domestic violence, was still at large.

Three adult males and one female were found dead at the home, but his partner, an adult female, and two “very young children” were found alive without harm.

Police were called to a home in the Aurora neighborhood of Delmar Parkway about suspicious activity around 2:06 a.m. A few minutes later, the dispatcher heard gunshots and police arrived around 2:15 a.m.

Police said Castorena lives a couple of blocks away from the crime scene with his family.

He is described as 5’4″ and has a lion tattoo on his neck.

The suspect was issued a restraining order earlier this week ordering him not to go to the residence or be near his domestic partner, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates told reporters near the scene.

Oates said Castorena and his partner have children, but they are out of state and safe.

Drones are being used by the police to search the neighborhood for Castorena, who is considered armed and dangerous.