Man tries to pry open car door with a woman inside and finds out that was a mistake

According to the local district attorney, a road rage incident in a North Carolina grocery store parking lot ended in a fatal shooting last week, with a legally armed woman acting in self-defense. The incident occurred at a Food Lion in Raleigh’s Greystone Village Shopping Center after 5 p.m. last Tuesday. District Attorney Lorrin Freeman clarified that the law permitting self-defense is not a green light for vigilante justice but a safeguard for those fearing imminent death or serious bodily harm.

The man who was shot, 49-year-old Steven McLamb, was reportedly the one who initiated the confrontation. Evidence from surveillance cameras and eyewitness testimonies indicate that McLamb followed the woman into the parking lot, exited his vehicle, and tried to pry open her car doors. The woman responded to this threat by shooting and killing him.

Freeman underscored that McLamb was the one who escalated the situation. The investigation was facilitated by the availability of multiple video footage and eyewitness accounts, which provided a comprehensive understanding of the incident.

Freeman confirmed that the woman, whose identity remains confidential, legally owns the firearm she used and has a clean criminal record. North Carolina law allows individuals to use force in self-defense when they reasonably fear imminent death or serious bodily harm.

McLamb was transported to a local hospital after the shooting, where he later died from his injuries.