Man Throws Mother Off UC Irvine Building Before Jumping To His Own Death

Police said Wednesday that a former University of California, Irvine student threw his 77-year-old mother off a campus building before jumping himself.

Police found the bodies of Thao Thai Nguyen and her 36-year-old son Andrew Nguyen Doan, both of Irvine, Tuesday afternoon.

The police statement indicated that Doan picked up his mother and threw her before jumping.

Tom Vasich, a UCI spokesman, told the Los Angeles Times that Doan was a biological sciences major at UC Irvine from September 2017 to June 2019. He did not graduate.

According to the statement, police had contacted him several times in the past, related to mental health calls, the last time in 2019.

The motive for the murder-suicide was being investigated, police said.