Man stabs wife to death and tries to hide her body from their kids

A man from South Florida has been taken into custody after being accused of murdering his wife. According to the detectives, Johana Aristizabal had arrived home from work around midnight on Saturday.

Law enforcement reported that on Saturday evening, Aristizabal came back from her job and had a heated discussion with her husband, 40-year-old Eder Espinoza, concerning their troubled marriage. The conversation got out of hand and turned into a physical confrontation, and Espinoza allegedly took a kitchen knife so that he could be armed.

According to the police report, Espinoza took the kitchen knife and advanced toward his wife, ultimately stabbing her and causing her death.

The report continued to mention that Espinoza put the victim’s corpse on a couch and wrapped her in bandages to conceal the stabs wounds. He then wiped away the blood from the floor to try to clean up the crime scene.

Afterwards, he covered his wife’s body with a sheet in an attempt to keep it from being seen by their children.

The father then took his two children to the house of a friend, which is where he was ultimately arrested by the police. It is reported that Espinoza admitted to the offense.