Man stabbed in the head with flagpole during violent attack

A shocking incident unfolded in Tulsa on Wednesday when a man was arrested for allegedly stabbing another man in the head with a flagpole. The suspect, identified as Clinton Collins, 54, now faces a felony maiming charge. The incident took place at a Tulsa Hills Sonic around 7:30 p.m., prompting a swift response from the Tulsa police. The victim was found with a flagpole piercing his head, entering beneath his jaw and exiting near his right temple. This violent act has left the community in disbelief and seeking answers.

According to the Tulsa police, multiple witnesses reported seeing Collins charge at the victim and stab him with the flagpole. Shockingly, witnesses also claimed to have heard Collins say, “That’s what he gets. He deserved it.” Officer Danny Bean described the act as intentional and violent, emphasizing the severity of running a hole through someone’s head. The relationship between the victim and Collins remains unknown at this time.

Tulsa firefighters had to intervene and cut part of the flagpole in order to safely transport the injured man to the hospital. Although he is expected to survive, there is a possibility that he may lose one of his eyes due to the severity of the injuries sustained. This incident has left the community shaken, as it follows a previous encounter where Collins was seen threatening someone with a flagpole near the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center.

Tristan Catlin, who witnessed the previous encounter, expressed regret for not reporting it immediately. She described the altercation as a quick and intense exchange that ended almost as soon as it began. Catlin’s account highlights the potential escalation of such incidents and the importance of reporting suspicious behavior promptly.