Man shot in the head at restaurant in love triangle feud

NEW YORK, NY – In a shocking turn of events, a recent shooting in a Manhattan diner has been linked to a love triangle, according to authorities. The victims of the shooting have been traced back to an alleged love rivalry involving the supposed shooter, 37-year-old Heiton Camacho-Bonilla, who reportedly orchestrated a faux robbery as a smokescreen for his intended crime.

On Tuesday, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Alexander Patton stated that the suspect meticulously plotted to kill the 37-year-old victim, Harrison Ferreiras, at the Seafood King Fish Market in Washington Heights. Motivated by jealousy from a short-lived romantic relationship between Ferreiras and the mother of Camacho-Bonilla’s child, the suspect plotted the brutal shooting.

Disguised in entirely black attire, Camacho-Bonilla entered the diner, ordered food, and left without suspicion. However, authorities believe he returned later to detain Ferreiras before shooting him point-blank in the head, all under the pretense of a staged hold-up. The terrifying attack was caught on surveillance cameras, and Ferreiras was rushed to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital in critical condition.

Meanwhile, Camacho-Bonilla did not consider the surveillance cameras capturing the violent act and its aftermath. Video clips from the diner and nearby locations caught the alleged shooter, helping authorities in their investigation.

Camacho-Bonilla was arrested on Saturday and was presented in court on charges that include attempted murder, assault, multiple accounts of robbery, and criminal possession of a weapon. Prosecutor Patton stated that the accused, who migrated to New York last year, attempted to stage the jealousy-motivated assassination as a random stickup.

The accused could face obligatory incarceration in the state prison if convicted. The shooting’s aftermath has left Ferreiras’ family distraught, with his mother expressing her grief and disbelief over The Post. A court hearing for Camacho-Bonilla is set to occur this weekend.