Man Shoots Woman, 31, In The Face Inside Abandoned Building

Police were called to an abandoned building on Glen Ridge Drive. Upon their arrival, the authorities found a woman in her 30s lying in a pool of her own blood inside.

They believe that the abandoned building was where she may have been living. When they inspected her injuries, they found that the woman was shot in the face. She was still alive upon their arrival, but she was soon pronounced dead as her body succumbed to the fatal gunshot wound.

Investigators have been trying to piece together the cause of Melissa Vasquez’s untimely death at the age of 31. A witness has come forward with some information that may have been critical in bringing clarity to her case. Based on their findings, they ruled Vasquez’s death as a homicide.

A witness saw Vasquez take drugs, and then preceded to pass out from the dosage she took. The witness also shared that the suspect then pulled out a semi-automatic weapon on the woman, shooting her in the face. They claimed that the suspect seemed to shoot Vasquez without any plausible motivation.

Officers at the scene were told that the suspect was approximately 25 years old, and they were given the suspect’s first name as well. The suspect fled from the scene on foot before police arrived, SAPD said. Because of this, police had to track down the suspect and try to find his location.

The police obtained surveillance footage of the group that was present at the abandoned building. During their analysis of the video footage, they were able to identify the suspect as Greg Wilder. He was arrested on the North Side without incident.

Greg Wilder, the shooter, is being held in custody at Bexar County Jail. The cost of his bail is currently $200,000.