Man Shoots His Ex-Girlfriend In the Head While She Was Asleep

A man lured his ex-girlfriend’s uncle out of her apartment before shooting her in the head while she slept on Thursday. Multiple reports indicate that he then shot and killed himself.

According to Houston police, Milton Wayne Cole, 40, killed Ja’Dee Turner, 32, in the early morning hours of Dec. 15.

Turner’s uncle, who also lived at the residence, was lured outside by Cole’s text message. Cole asked him to meet at the front gate of the complex. He then snuck into Turner’s apartment while the door was unlocked, where he committed the violent acts.

The couple had been dating for about a year when they ended their relationship less than two weeks ago, ABC13 reports.

Jadairria Turner, the victim’s sister, told ABC13 that Cole never seemed threatening. “This guy, you know, he seemed cool but … You just never know. It’s a disguise.”

Her family members told ABC13 that Cole had been mildly controlling, but she may have overlooked any red flags because she still saw him as a good man.

Cole’s stepmother, Leticia Jackson Turner, said Cole did not react well when Turner ended their relationship. “She just wanted some space, and he wouldn’t give her space,” she told reporters.

“You can’t make somebody be with you if they want to move on. Just try and go get some counseling,” Leticia said to ABC13. The woman’s stepmother described Turner as having “a good spirit,” saying she loved to laugh and sing.

Turner’s stepmother warned others to pay attention to signs of mental illness in relationships.