Man pulls large knife on the mother of his children and gets shot in the face by her friend

In an incident that unfolded in Dothan, Alabama, a man identified as Shawn Maxmillion McDaniel was shot in the face by a legally armed individual after he allegedly tried to attack his estranged partner, the mother of his children, at a traffic stop. The Dothan Police Department reported that the event took place on July 12.

Earlier in the day, McDaniel had reportedly tried to arrange a meeting with the woman, who declined his request. Undeterred, he allegedly followed her in his car as she drove through Dothan, accompanied by a friend who soon noticed they were being tailed.

At a traffic light, McDaniel allegedly confronted the pair, brandishing a large knife. The friend, who was legally carrying a firearm, ordered McDaniel to back off. However, McDaniel reportedly ignored the warning and lunged at them with the knife, prompting the friend to fire his weapon.

McDaniel, who was hit in the face, managed to drive himself to a nearby business to seek help, despite his significant injury. The woman and her friend also drove to a nearby business and alerted the police. McDaniel was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to a specialized facility for further treatment. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. The police are still investigating the incident, and charges may be forthcoming.