Man kills his neighbor during confrontation

LAS VEGAS, NV – A Las Vegas man is facing open murder charges with a deadly weapon after allegedly shooting his neighbor while his wife relayed the incident to a 911 operator. Eddi Moreno Jr. is being indicted for the fatal shooting of Joe Moreno, 47, following a confrontation near the accused’s property.

Following a local soccer game, Moreno Jr.’s family returned home to find Joe Moreno nearby, who was locked out of his home by his girlfriend due to an argument. According to a police report, Eddi’s wife informed authorities that her husband had obtained a gun from a backpack, left their vehicle, and confronted Joe, accusing him of breaking into their house. She also indicated a disturbing display from Joe who allegedly exposed himself and made lewd gestures towards Eddi before the shooting occurred.

The 911 call recorded several gunshots, and Eddi’s wife promptly informed the dispatcher, “My husband shot him. You better come quickly.” Eddi also told the police that Joe had made threats and had been looking into his backyard over the wall. However, these allegations were refuted in the police report.

A neighbor’s doorbell camera captured the incident where Eddi can be heard yelling, “I am going to murder you, come right here!”

Joe Moreno succumbed to multiple gunshot injuries in a local hospital, as confirmed by the Clark County Coroner’s office, and his death has been ruled a homicide. Investigators found five cartridge cases on the scene and determined that the victim was unarmed.

Eddi Moreno Jr. stood before a judge on Thursday and has his bail set at $100,000. He has been ordered not to communicate with Joe’s girlfriend and is prohibited from having firearms at his property. Presently, according to inmate records, Eddi Moreno Jr. is out of jail and his next courtroom appearance is scheduled for August 13.